Sheriff clamps down

SHERIFF’S officers from the Gippsland region targeting people with outstanding warrants have identified 17 people with 319 outstanding warrants valued at more than $96,000.

In an operation that covered Yarram, Sale, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance recently, officers wheel clamped 13 vehicles associated with $70,000 in warrants, and almost $16,000 was paid during the operation.

As of last Friday one car remained clamped and may be held by the Sheriff’s Office if payment arrangements are not made.

Sheriff’s officers routinely contact offenders at their homes and businesses to enforce court orders related to the non-payment of fines.

The Sheriff’s Office also regularly undertakes targeted enforcement activity, such as roadblocks and blitzes, which can be multi-agency operations involving VicRoads and Victoria Police.

People who continue to ignore their outstanding fines run the risk of tough sanctions, including wheel-clamping, asset confiscation and even arrest.

Sheriff of Victoria Brendan Facey said paying fines on time was the best way to avoid further penalties.

“The earlier you pay your fine, the less you pay,” he said.

“You are liable for your unpaid fines.

“New technology to identify offenders and more targeted blitzes mean the sheriff will find you.

“If you ignore your fines, you will be caught.

“Sheriff’s officers could be anywhere, at any time.”

Mr Facey said people could phone 1300 SHERIFF and speak to someone about their outstanding fines before the sheriff found them.

“Alternatively, you can contact your local Sheriff’s Office or Justice Service Centre to discuss your outstanding matters,” he advised.