Loch Sport sewerage works

LOCH Sport residents will see increased activity over coming weeks as Gippsland Water steps-up activities in preparation for the new $40.3 million Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme project.

Gippsland Water contractors will be conducting a month-long audit in the Loch Sport area from today to confirm the number of houses and dwellings in the township that will require a sewerage connection as part of the new scheme.

This process will assist the planning phase of the project, allowing Gippsland Water to accurately determine the works to be undertaken and construction timelines.

The audit will be carried-out by Gippsland Water contractors Select Solutions via a kerbside process, and will not require access to properties or photos being taken.

Gippsland Water managing director, David Mawer said the Loch Sport community will start to notice more action around the town and in surrounding areas especially with the beginning of the transfer main works along the Loch Sport-Longford Rd.

“Loch Sport has approximately 2,700 lots, with an estimated 1,500 dwellings most of which have septic tanks or other onsite wastewater management systems,” he said.

“This review will assist us to re-confirm our data and enable us to pinpoint where infrastructure needs to be installed.”

The scheme will be delivered by Gippsland Water as part of the Victorian Government’s Country Towns Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme Program, which listed Loch Sport amongst 35 priority towns to be provided with water or wastewater services.

For more information visit www.gippswater.com.au or phone 1800 066 401.