Police appalled at biker behaviour

HEYFIELD police have been appalled at the behaviour of trail bike riders who flouted the law in the area during the Easter weekend.

Police said they were shocked by the number of young children riding as pillion passengers on bikes, with five people booked for carrying children aged three and four on the front of bikes.

Police added it was illegal to carry children under eight as pillion passengers on motor bikes.

They were also alarmed the attitude of people who thought this behaviour was acceptable.

Two trail bike riders with children on the front of their bikes brazenly rode past officers at Lake Glenmaggie as they were booking another rider for not wearing a helmet.

Police said parents also allowed their children to ride mini-bikes on trails and tracks in the area, vehicles which are only permitted to be ridden on private property.

With more than 60 trail bikes, motorbikes, mini-bikes, cars and four wheel drives using the same trails at Lake Glenmaggie many driving down the centre of the road police said the behaviour was a recipe for disaster.

Police issued tickets to at least 12 riders in the Heyfield, Glenmaggie and Licola areas for various infringements including driving without licences and not wearing helmets.

Drivers behave well

Overall, police said, motorists travelling along the Princes Highway behaved well during the long weekend.

Police targeted drivers who were speeding, using mobile phones, not wearing seat belts, for driving under the influence and other traffic offences.

Sale police said more than 2000 preliminary breath tests were conducted in the Wellington Shire alone.