Increase in thefts from cars

BAIRNSDALE Crime Investigation Unit is targeting thieves and issuing warnings to all motorists in response to a recent increase in opportunistic theft from motor vehicles.

Police are increasing patrols at various hot spots in the Bairnsdale area and are targeting repeat offenders.

Detective Sergeant Margaret Schulz urged motorists to take preventative measures to help avoid opportunistic thieves from taking personal items from your car.

“I am concerned by the number of motorists who leave their vehicles unlocked while parked in their driveways at home,” she said.

“I urge all motorists to take some simple precautionary measures.”

Precautionary means you could take are, park off street, possibly in a garage, or if you have to park on the street, park in well light areas. 

Don’t leave your car unlocked and make sure the windows are completely closed.  Remove valuables from sight – leave them in your boot, or take them with you.

“If you must leave valuables in your car, do not hide them upon arrival as thieves could be monitoring the area. Remove them from sight prior to parking,” Det Sgt Schulz said.

“If you have a GPS unit, wipe the windscreen where the unit sticks to the glass to ensure thieves don’t think anything is hidden out of sight.”

Police would like to remind motorists that if your car is broken into, the vehicle must be examined for evidence.  This can be done at most police stations.

Anyone who sees suspicious behaviour or has information has been asked to phone Bairnsdale police on 5150 2600.