Five knot lake speed limit

LAKE Glenmaggie now has a speed restriction of five knots right across the storage.

All land under and around Lake Glenmaggie is covered by Southern Rural Water’s by-laws, according to Southern Rural Water east supply manager Terry Clapham.

Although it has been a tough year for irrigators, Mr Clapham said water supplies were dropping rapidly in the storage, with capacity dropping below 25 per cent.

“Glenmaggie is an annual storage – it’s designed to fill and empty every year,” he said.

“However, we have had a couple of wet years, and boat drivers would not have seen levels this low since 2009.”

Mr Clapham said as soon as the lake’s capacity dropped to 25 per cent SRW introduced a five knot restriction across the whole of Glenmaggie.

“This is for obvious safety reasons. There are a number of snags and obstacles that become serious hazards when the lake levels drop this low,” he said.

“We urge everyone using Glenmaggie to observe the speed restriction and stay safe.”

He added motorcycle use and camping were forbidden in this area and offenders may be prosecuted.