Raw sewage mishap

A SALE couple had to face a disgusting clean-up after raw sewage under immense pressure was sprayed metres up the walls of their newly furbished bathroom and toilet.

The sewage exploded out of wash basin and shower drain holes during Gippsland Water pressure scouring works taking place to maintain the efficiency of the town’s sewerage system.

The Gippsland Times has reason to believe their experience is not unique.

Warned by letter box drop that works would take place in their vicinity, the couple placed weights on the toilet seats in their new extension and their toilet.

However the weights did nothing to hold back the explosion of filth.

While their household insurance covered the repair costs to tiles that needed replacing, the couple was still left with an insurance excess to pay.

Gippsland Water has offered an apology and financial recompense to cover the insurance excess, but little to cover the distress and inconvenience the accident caused.

The residents wonder if the contractors have been adequately supervised and if excessive pressure had been used in the scouring.

A Gippsland Water spokesman told the Gippsland Times residents were notified of planned sewer maintenance activities via mail box drops before works were undertaken by its contractors.

“In the event of planned sewer maintenance work, Gippsland Water would recommend that when not in use, toilet seats remain closed throughout the works; and as an added precaution, ensure toilet seats are weighted down while the work is being carried out.

It’s also important that residents ensure their on-property overflow relief gully is clear at all times, regardless of whether sewer maintenance work is being undertaken or not.”

While Gippsland Water did not indicate any remedy or recompense was available in the case of an accident caused by the works, it encourages residents with any enquiries regarding sewer maintenance activities to phone the 24-hour number 1800 057 057 as soon as possible.

The spokesman also said all Gippsland Water’s contractors undertaking planned sewer maintenance works were required to notify residents before works began.

“If access is required to manholes located on residents’ properties during planned sewer maintenance, additional notification is provided to those specific residents before works are carried out,” the spokesman added.