Minor flood warnings for Macalister, Mitchell rivers

Updated 7/8/13 2.15pm

MINOR flood warnings are still in place for the Macalister River catchment and Mitchell River.

Macalister River:

IN the 24 hours to 9 AM Wednesday rainfall totals of up to 4mm have been recorded in the Macalister catchment.

Rainfall totals of 10 to 20mm have been forecast on the ranges, with general totals of up to 5mm across the mid to lower Macalister catchment expected late Wednesday into Thursday.

Renewed stream rises with the possibility of minor flooding are expected to develop along the Macalister River upstream of Lake Glenmaggie during Thursday.

Macalister Catchment upstream of Lake Glenmaggie: The Macalister River at Licola peaked around the minor flood level (2.7m) Tuesday afternoon and is currently falling. Given forecast rainfall, renewed stream rises to the minor flood level are possible at this location during Thursday afternoon.

Macalister Catchment downstream of Lake Glenmaggie: Southern Rural Water advised releases from Lake Glenmaggie were steady at 6,500 ML/day (minor flood flow 7,500 ML/day) and was expected to remain around that level for the remainder of Wednesday.

Mitchell River:

IN the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday rainfall totals of up to 5mm have been recorded in the Mitchell River catchment.

Showers will become more extensive in the late afternoon with possible thunderstorms have been forecast for Wednesday. Rainfall totals of 10 to 20 mm have been forecast with the higher totals more likely on the ranges.

Mitchell River upstream of Glenaladale: The Wonnangatta River at Waterford peaked at 3.84m (minor flood level 3.5m) early Wednesday morning. Minor flooding is expected to continue for the remainder of Wednesday into Thursday.

Glenaladale: The Mitchell River at Glenaladale is currently around the minor flood level (3m). A peak just over the minor flood level is expected around midday Wednesday.

Bairnsdale: No data is currently available from the Mitchell River at Bairnsdale (Pumphouse), however the river is expected to be below the minor flood level (4m) and rising. The river is expected to peak around the minor flood level during Wednesday afternoon/evening. 

The potential local impact of this flooding in the area may include: 

River levels may reach the tops of banks or flow over into low lying areas 

Local roads may be closed and low bridges may be underwater 

Caravan parks and camping areas may be flooded, requiring relocation to higher ground 

For flood or storm emergency assistance from the SES phone 132 500.

For life threatening emergencies call 000.

Road closures: www.vicroads.vic.gov.au, phone 131 170.

Weather warnings and river heights: www.bom.gov.au, phone 1300 659 217

SES Information: www.ses.vic.gov.au, phone 1300 842 737