What our councillors cost us last year

WELLINGTON Shire councillors cost ratepayers more than $370,000 last financial year in allowances and expenses.

Data from council’s remuneration committee show a net cost to council of $326,847.80 between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The figures cover 14 councillors, including five no longer on council.

With other councillor-related expenditure such as meeting expenses and training of almost $36,000, and more than $10,000 in vehicle fuel and maintenance, the total cost for the period was $373,509.17.

Scott Rossetti, mayor since last October, cost $61,334, which includes a mayoral allowance of more than $50,500 plus more than $3200 in expenses such as phone and conferences.

The second highest was Peter Cleary, who was mayor at the start of last financial year before the end of the previous council term, with $40,532. His figure also includes mayoral allowance of $40,355.

The figures for the two mayors did not include $6000 for the mayoral vehicle and maintenance.

Next highest is Malcolm Hole with $40,532, which includes $6300 in travel allowance, $5590 for conferences and $4000 for meeting costs. Cr Hole serves on a number national and state committees, including the National Timber Councils Australia, of which he is president.

Other current councillors cost ratepayers between $19,000 to $27,000.

Expenses claimed include travel, conferences, phone, internet and childcare.

Net cost to council of Wellington Shire councillors (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013):

Scott Rossetti*: $61,334.45

Peter Cleary*: $42,458.59

Malcolm Hole: $40,532.78

Darren McCubbin: $27,023.26

Bob Wenger**: $24,879.68

Emilie Davine**: $22,681.21

John Duncan**: $22,123.89

Carolyn Crossley**: $20,551.47

Patrick McIvor**: $19,681.53

Jeff Amos***: $10,095.29

Jane Hildebrant***: $9539.80

Beth Ripper***: $9214.27

Gregg Cook***: $8546.07

Leo O’Brien***: $8185.51

* Councillor had been mayor during period

** Councillor since October election

*** Councillor until October election