Car, truck collide in Longford

A GIFFARD West woman was airlifted to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital with serious injuries after her car and a truck collided on Thursday.

The accident happened on the South Gippsland highway at Longford just before 5pm.

Police said the 22-year-old was driving east on the Longford-Rosedale Rd towing a dog trailer, alleging she failed to give way at the intersection, and moved into the path of the truck.

The truck driver, travelling north, unsuccessfully attempted to stop and collided with the car.

The woman was the sole occupant of the vehicle.

While the truck driver was not injured, he was shaken by the incident.

Leading Senior Constable Crowley of Wellington Highway Patrol said police had witnessed a growing trend of drivers failing to give way and stop at give way and stop signs.

While he said Thursday’s incident was caused by an error in judgment, with the female driver failing to look and see the truck, he said it highlighted a major issue on our roads.

Regardless of whether or not a driver has right of way, leading senior constable Crowley said, they should slow when approaching intersections or roundabouts and assess the situation before moving on.

He said doing so could prevent collisions like Thursday’s.

In the coming weeks police will be cracking down on this kind of behaviour.

Witnesses to Thursday’s collision are being urged to phone Leading Senior Constable Crowley on 5143 5000 to help police with their inquiries.