Appealing sentence for CWA thefts

SENTENCED to 12 months imprisonment for stealing money from the Country Women’s Association Sale branch where she acted as secretary, 66-year-old Kate Lougheed appeared in Sale Magistrate’s Court on Monday to appeal the severity of her sentence.

Having pleaded guilty in court to stealing money from the CWA between 2009 and 2010 to feed her gambling habit, Ms Lougheed was granted bail in order to structure an appeal.

In her original trial, in May, Ms Lougheed was sentenced to a minimum of three months before she could apply for parole.

The matter has been adjourned until Thursday, September 12.

Sale CWA branch has struggled financially since the money was stolen, and has been on the verge of closing.

Hook, line and stinker

Vandals have ripped up a cyclone fence and pulled down a small building situated in the pines 4km east of Rosedale.

Police said the fence and building belonged to Gippsland Water and it appeared vandals had hooked a vehicle to the structures to bring them down.

People with information are urged to phone the Rosedale Police Station on 5199 2222.