Small business campaign

SMALL business in the Gippsland region is too big to ignore any longer, according to Sale businesswoman Mandy Garrard.

The Signature Bedding owner and Sale Business and Tourism Association president has joined more than two million small businesses across Australia in voicing the needs of small business so they are made a priority ahead of the September 7 election.

Ms Garrard is supporting the Small Business, Too Big To Ignore campaign, a nationally co-ordinated campaign led by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the state Chambers of Commerce including VECCI.

The campaign focuses on reforms in four key areas that represent unnecessary burdens on small business.

Reducing red tape, simplifying the tax system, making it easier to employ people and improving infrastructure have been identified as the biggest priorities for small business.

“The next government needs to cut down on red tape,” Ms Garrard said.

“This will then free up our time and resources to run our businesses efficiently.

“We need to make the Small Business Commissioner a warrior to fight red tape,” she said.

She said the commissioner could work toward reforms to ease business red tape such as compliance paperwork, excessive GST paper work and book keeping costs.

Ms Garrard said small business played an important role in local communities and employed a significant proportion of the local workforce.

“The Sale business community is passionate about engaging with our local community and providing the highest level of service to our wonderful customers, and these reforms would enable us to do that.

“We just hope the next government — whoever they may be — do not forget that small business is big business in Australia, and make our path a little easier as employers of more than 60 per cent of the Australian workforce.”