Drink drivers abound

POLICE were disgusted at the behaviour of drivers on Friday and Saturday, after half a dozen drivers blew over .05.

The highest reading was .19, blown by a 35-year-old Munro man after a collision in the Munro area.

Other readings included .125 and .147, with .087 the lowest.

The offenders, men and women of varying ages, were detected in the Gormandale, Munro and Sale areas.

Wellington Highway Patrol’s Sergeant Luke Banwell said most of the offenders had been detected during routine intercepts and patrols by the highway patrol and uniform branches, and in most cases had their licences immediately suspended. They will face court at a later date.

Sgt Banwell said to date, police had been reasonably happy with the low level of drink-driving offences detected locally, but was disappointed with the behaviour of offenders at the weekend.

Death wish near cemetery

A 33-YEAR-old Briagolong driver had his vehicle impounded after Wellington Highway Patrol members allegedly detected him driving at 157kmh in a 100kmh zone, about 10am on Sunday.

Sale police said the alleged offender was detected at Nuntin Creek near Stratford, noting he was travelling past the cemetery “which was apt”.

The man will front court at a later date in relation to excessive speed and related hoon offences.