Pouches for rescued wildlife

IT was difficult for the residents of Domain Sale Aged Care to hide their delight as a crowd of 30 squeezed into one of the facility’s day rooms to see volunteer wildlife carer and rescuer Theresa Matthews and her joeys.

An employee of Domain Sale, Ms Matthews brought three of the nine kangaroo and wallaby joeys currently in her care to visit the residents as part of a pet therapy session, carrying them around the room so each of the residents could have a pat and a hold.

Domain Sale lifestyle coordinator Wendy Finger said having the animals around made many of the shyer residents come out of their shells.

She said a couple of residents who normally kept to their rooms sat with the group not wanting to miss out on the chance to see the cute baby animals.

In the past few months, Ms Finger said, many of the residents had worked hard knitting pouches for the joeys as part of their day activities, which staff later lined.

More than 30 of these pouches, in various sizes, were donated to Ms Matthews as part of Thursday’s visit.

“It works out well because the residents love the animals,” Ms Finger said, “this way they can see who they’ve actually done the item for.”

Applauding the residents efforts and generosity, Ms Matthews, who spends much of her wage to care for the joeys, said every little bit helped.

Anyone who finds dead or injured wildlife can phone Theresa on 5146 3352 or 0400 079 337 at any time.

Those interested in making a donation or becoming a carer should phone Theresa on the numbers above.