Muir will vote with Palmer United

SENATOR-elect Ricky Muir has signed a memorandum of understanding to work and vote with the Palmer United Party when he takes office in July next year.

Mr Muir, from Denison, said he was determined to get a better deal for his party’s constituents by joining with the Palmer United Party’s three elected senators.

“Voting as a united team and working together with the Palmer United Party means we will have a stronger voice in the Senate,” he said.

“This means I can serve my constituents more effectively.

“With three extra senators working together, I will be able to achieve more than I would have on my own for the people of Victoria and Australia.”

Mr Muir said with the PUP and the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party holding the balance of power in the Senate, the government needed to provide adequate resources to ensure good government was achieved.

“The Palmer United Party senators are happy to support our motoring policies, allowing us to maximise our influence with motoring legislation,” he said.

PUP leader Clive Palmer said Mr Muir agreed to work with his party in the interest of good government.

“The AMEP believes they would serve their constituents more effectively with intentions of voting together with the Palmer United Party to establish an even stronger voice within the Senate,” Mr Palmer said.

“All parties should welcome this decision by the AMEP to vote in a team with the Palmer United Party.

“The Palmer United Party is happy to have played the leadership role in bringing together a united group within the Senate and we look forward to working with the government to ensure good government is achieved.

“The decision to work together means the Palmer United Party and the AMEP need to receive increased resources from the government in order to successfully review and consider proposed legislation.

“The volume of legislation is considerable and therefore to ensure efficient decision making additional resources will be required.”

Mr Palmer said the AMEP signed the memorandum with the PUP after recognising it was like minded and the AMEP could maximise its interest on motoring policies with an increased voting team.

News of the agreement came at the end of a big week for the AMEP, which terminated its Victorian state council of an unauthorised Facebook page and liaising with the media without authorisation.

The Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party’s sacked Victorian State Council chairman Scott McDonald told the ABC last week a meeting of members may vote to sack Ricky Muir as the party’s Victorian senator.

Mr McDonald said agreeing to the Palmer deal without consulting Victorian members may violate the party’s constitution.

“Next Wednesday night there is going to be a meeting of all the members,” he told the ABC.

“If they vote against the alliance, they can then vote to sack Ricky as a senator.”

“If he doesn’t show up and talk to the members I would say that the members will vote him out.”

As an elected representative, Mr Muir cannot be ‘sacked’ as a senator by his party, but it is understood he could be expelled from the AMEP.

The only way he would not serve as a senator was if he voluntarily resigned.