SES winches cow from river

MAFFRA SES unit assisted a Denison dairy farmer to rescue a cow stuck in the Thomson River for more than five hours on Thursday night.

Unit member Russell Gallaley said SES volunteers were trained in general rescue.

“Sometimes this involves pulling out adventurous animals who find themselves trapped,” he said.

Brodie, as she’s affectionately known to the dairy farmer, was thought to have been trapped for more than five hours.

“Brodie was exhausted when we arrived,” Mr Gallaley said.

“We had to break a willow tree’s root system first with axes and shovels, then make a soft sling where we were then able to carefully winch her out.

“It took us about two hours to safely get her onto dry ground.”

“She is having a rest, back to eating and drinking, and well on her way to a full recovery,” dairy farmer Greg Laundy said.