Speeders warned

HEYFIELD police are concerned by the number of drivers they have caught speeding in recent weeks, especially in school zones.

Last week nine drivers were issued with speeding tickets for travelling at speeds from 10 to 29kmh above the limit in Davis St, Heyfield — a school zone.

Another eight infringement notices were issued to people travelling above the limit in 100kmh speed zones around the town.

Police urge motorists to take care and watch their speeds, especially in school zones, as the consequences could extend beyond receiving a ticket.

With children’s movements often unpredictable, police fear speeding drivers could injure or kill a child.

Boom gate warning

WITH railway works in progress and trains returning to the district, police are warning motorists not to drive around boom gates, even if they appear stuck.

Drivers who have issues with boom gates should phone V/Line or the police or to find an alternate route.

Police said no leniency will be given to motorists caught ignoring railway warning signs.