Secure valuables these holidays

POLICE are reminding holiday makers not to be complacent during the holiday season, and secure valuable items.

Sale police Leading Senior Constable Sarah Reggardo said during the holiday break police often took reports of thefts for a variety of items from unattended camp sites, unlocked vehicles, cabins and caravans.

“The last thing you want is to make a police report on your holiday, not to mention cancelling bank cards or loosing contacts in your mobile phone,” she said.

She said holidayers should lock cabins or caravans, even while still in the park.

Leading Sen-Const Reggardo said people heading out on boats should not leave vehicles at boats ramp unlocked or with valuables in them.

“Offenders could assume that you don’t take them with you, and are likely to target boat ramps and beach car parks.” she added.

“Enjoy the festive season and remember, at home or away, look, lock and leave.”