Hard work fighting fires paying off

FIREFIGHTERS across Gippsland have been working tirelessly to contain fires in the region.

Despite temperatures remaining hot, more stable weather has provided opportunities for control line construction and back burning operations.

As Gippsland enters its third week of firefighting efforts, emergency services continue to bring bushfires under control.

Fourteen days ago, Gippslanders woke to over 30 going bushfires across the region. Heat waves, thunderstorms and lightning saw even more fires start in the past two weeks.

Fast responses to new fires and a concerted effort to build control lines protecting communities has been the focus of fire fighters as we enter another week of heat wave conditions.

Today there are 11 going bushfires in east Gippsland.

Regional fire controller Anthony Costigan said crews had worked hard to make the most of every opportunity to bring these fires under control.

“The community must understand that there is a risk of new fires starting in the region with the conditions of thunderstorms and lightening across Gippsland, ahead of very hot weather Sunday and next week,” he said.

Fire agencies are urging families to ensure they have a bushfire survival plan and that they are fully prepared and informed.

“It is important that everyone takes responsibility for their safety by proactively seeking fire information and staying informed rather than waiting to be informed by others,” Mr Costigan said.

Locals are urged to stay informed and actively seek further information about the fire situation through your local emergency radio broadcasters including ABC 100.7FM, TRFM 99.5FM and Gold 1242AM.

For more information on fires in Victoria and general fire safety, please contact the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on freecall 1800 240 667. Callers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech / communication impairment may call textphone / telewriter (TTY) on 1800 122 969.

Also tune into local ABC and commercial radio stations.