Police investigate fires

FOUR fires in Gippsland have been included in a list of blazes police have seen has suspiciously lit.

Police are yet to determine the cause of a number of fires that have burned across the state over the past couple of days.

Investigators from the Arson and Explosives Squad are working with local investigators and Bushfire Arson and Explosives Liaison Officers, with assistance from arson chemists, to determine the cause of each fire. All fires are investigated until a cause is determined. 

Police are currently looking to determine the cause of 14 grass and scrub fires around the state.

Of these 14, initial investigations have rendered nine as being suspicious. 

These nine fires are at the following locations: 

• Strezlecki Highway, Driffield, 

• Merri Creek, Fawkner, 

• Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, 

• Old Jindivick, Drouin West, 

• Merri Creek, Reservoir, 

• Havilah Road and Poulston St, North Bendigo, 

• Egans Road, Jack River,

• Kaarimba Road, Wunghu, and

• O’Hara’s Road, Yinnar

The cause of the five remaining fires is yet to be determined. These fires are at the following locations:

• Cassidy’s Road, Burrumbeet,

• Schumakers Lane, Maiden Gully, 

• Esplanade, Mornington, 

• Calder Highway, Gisborne South, and

• Goulburn Valley Highway, Wunghnu.

Victoria Police encourages members of the public to remain patient during this investigation process as it may be several days or weeks before causation can be determined.

Victoria Police has resources deployed around the state to accommodate for the ever-changing fire environment and we encourage people to monitor emergency services websites for updates.

To report information on suspicious behaviour you have seen or concerns about a member of your community, call Crime Stoppers on 1300 888 000.