Speed warning

HEYFIELD police are urging motorists to slow down after a 39-year-old Oakleigh man was caught travelling 43km/h over the speed limit along the Traralgon-Maffra Rd at Heyfield on Saturday.

The man was one of three people issued with a penalty notices for speeding on Saturday with notices also issued to people travelling 10kms and 25kms on the same section of road.

Car jackknifed

SALE Highway Patrol were called to an incident on Raglan St Monday morning when a car towing a boat jackknifed while attempting to make a turn. No more information was known at the time the paper went to print.

Theft from cars

POLICE are urging motorists to lock their cars and remove all valuable items when leaving their vehicles unattended with thefts from cars once again on the rise.

Common items taken from unlocked cars include, purses or handbags, wallets, loose change, GPS devices, tablet computers, phones, cameras and jewellery.

It is an offence to leave your vehicle unlocked while unattended and people who do so not only risk having personal items stolen but also being fined.