Company failure affects locals

SEVERAL local businesses and telecommunications customers have been affected by loss of landline phone and fax connection last week following the court-ordered receivership of telecommunications wholesaler iBoss.

iBoss, its sister business One Telecom and the pair’s parent company AsiaPac Communications went into court-ordered receivership on Friday, May 2.

Media outlets have reported a bitter corporate legal battle between management at iBoss and AsiaPac Communications parent company Conec2 has resulted in the closure of the companies.

The Gippsland Times understands a blanket email had been sent to customers advising of “a dispute with an upservice provider”, with several local businesses and customers forced to approach other service providers to restore communications.

A Gippsland Times reader reported difficulty phoning Clocktower Medical Centre last Monday, and a spokesperson for the centre confirmed it had been affected, with the loss of landline and fax from Friday night, May 2.

The spokesperson said services had been restored on Thursday afternoon after they had approached another telecommunications provider.

“We had to try and manage with a couple of mobile phones,” the spokesperson said.

“We would like to thank radio, the hospital and several local businesses for helping to spread the word.

“A lot of people have been very patient and we appreciate it.”

Nancy Morgan of Raglan Gardens Nursery, a Connec2 customer, said she had also been without phone and internet since Friday night.

“I have been phoning the Connec2 people but all you get is a recording saying ‘the messagebank is full, goodbye’ or one saying ‘we are having a dispute with an upservice provider’,” she said.

“I have no phone, I have no fax and I didn’t have EFTPOS until they found that my machine had a SIM card,” she said.

“They re-routed it so now I have EFTPOS, but I have been off (line) a week tonight (Friday, May 2).”

While Mrs Morgan had approached another telecommunications provider on Tuesday, it was estimated it would take “a few days” for her business to be re-connected.

Mrs Morgan said she was told by the provider a number of businesses in Sale’s central business district had been affected.

It is understood people in Loch Sport were also affected.

“I’ve had people call in saying ‘I’ve been meaning to run down to your business all day; are you still in business?’,” Mrs Morgan said.

“You can’t check messages, so you don’t know who you have missed.

“I can’t get order slips; they come through the fax.

“Not having a phone, it’s not good for retail business.”