All Sale’s tax office jobs go

The Community and Public Sector Union has slammed a decision to close 10 regional tax offices across the country, including one in Sale, by October 31.

It says the decision will affect up to 70 tax office staff working in Sale, Bendigo, Orange, Grafton, Port Macquarie, Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton, Launceston and Toowoomba.

CPSU lead organiser Emma Groube said the decision was a blow for staff and for the communities they worked in.

“This is slap in the face for hard-working Australian Tax Office staff who have put in many years of dedicated and professional service in their local communities,” she said.

“Because they live in area where alternative jobs are scarce, many of these highly experienced and talented staff will struggle to find new roles and may be forced to pack up their families and move. 

“These closures are also a blow for local businesses which will no longer be able to deal with tax officers who understand their needs and their community.

The union says the regional office closures are a direct result of deliberate government policy to move away from face-to-face service delivery and force taxpayers to deal with the ATO over the phone and online. 

“With the budget cutting another 3000 jobs from the tax office, there will be further pressure on ATO service delivery and delays for taxpayers in the future. 

The union has called on ATO management to find alternative positions within the public sector for displaced staff who wish to remain in the service.

The union says  seven ATO staff members work in the Sale office.