Horse rescued

A HORSE suffered a terrifying ordeal in Longford on Monday, falling almost two metres into a one metre wide hole.

Comanche, a 22-year-old thoroughbred mare, got more than she bargained for when she fell through a cellar roof into a disused cellar.

State Emergency Service incident controller Mark Somers said Comanche was able to walk out onto the makeshift ramp without assistance after a few hours.

“We were called out just before 11am and the horse was freed just after 2pm, so she was trapped for about three hours,” he said.

“Originally we were going to try and remove the timber to allow the horse to walk out, but it was unsafe as the animal was too wide to fit through the narrow entrance.”

It was all hands on deck to bring in an excavator, keep Comanche calm and dig a new ramp to the cellar.

Pulled to safety after an extensive rescue operation by emergency services, a local veterinarian was on hand to give Comanche pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication, with the horse able to walk from the cellar.

“About 20 people from a range of agencies were involved in the operation including SES, CFA, police, a local veterinarian and local rangers,” Mr Somer said.

“It’s a great example of agencies coming together to achieve an outcome.”

Mr Somers said Comanche had minor cuts and bruises following her fall, but was otherwise fine and happy to be back on stable ground.