Heyfield police traffic blitz

TWO offenders were charged on summons and another issued with an infringement notice following a traffic blitz in the Heyfield area last Friday night.

A Rosedale youth was charged on summons after police intercepted him in Heyfield about 7.30pm. The youth was a suspended probationary driver and the vehicle he was driving was not registered.

A Heyfield driver was also charged on summons with exceeding the blood-alcohol limit, with a reading of 0.201 at Seaton about 11.30pm.

The man also had his licence suspended immediately.

A 30-year-old Melbourne man was issued with an infringement notice, caught speeding on Traralgon-Maffra Rd at about 9.30pm.

The man was clocked travelling at 116km/ph.

HEYFIELD police have warned they will continue to target mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Police say they have charged a number of offenders in the past week, who had been issued with a $433 fine and loss of four demerit points.

“This will most likely go up again, with statutory fines increasing from July 1,” Senior Sergeant Mike Cook of Heyfield police said.