Moon struck driver

HEYFIELD police issued a Melbourne driver with an infringement notice for the use of a mobile phone while in charge of a vehicle at 7.30am on Sunday.

The motorist had stopped in the middle of the Seaton- Tinamba Rd on Stone Hill, blocking traffic to photograph the setting moon from the driver’s seat.

A 20-YEAR-old Melbourne motorcyclist was airlifted to the Alfred hospital on Saturday after he lost control of his trail bike in muddy conditions and collided with a tree.

The accident happened near Chesterfield Rd, Glenmaggie in state forest.

The following day a 35-year-old Melbourne motorcyclist was taken to Latrobe Regional Hospital with shoulder injuries after he came off his trail bike in similar conditions in the same area.

TWO Heyfield police officers spent seven hours searching for an 18-year-old Sale woman who became stranded while four-wheel-driving north of Valencia Creek last Monday night.

The woman had walked to where she was able to phone police after her vehicle’s battery had gone flat while she listened to the radio.

She then returned to her vehicle when her phone reception vanished.

Police were concerned as she had not told anyone where she was headed, had no warm clothing, food or water.

She was found by other four-wheel-drivers and was able to find her way out of the bush with their assistance.