Questions over beach towns power outage

LAST  Tuesday morning at 9am our power suddenly stopped. 

At first we weren’t concerned.

Often the power goes off for a short period, caused by an accident; sometimes it will flick on and off.

After 10 minutes I rang electricity interruptions and emergencies, to be told they were aware of a shortage in the areas of Dutson, Seaspray, Golden Beach and Loch Sport, but were unaware of the cause of the fault. 

They thought it would be fixed by 2pm.

Later, other people called and were told it was because of maintenance and the power would be connected by 4.30pm.

Not given any notice of this stoppage, I have been left high and dry.

Without electricity we cannot get access to our water, we cannot cook and we cannot go to meals at any of the places in town.

If we are prepared in advance of a power stoppage we can fill up buckets of water for toilet use and fill bottles, jugs, and so on for personal use.

Businesses cannot operate without power.

Why weren’t we advised of this stoppage so we could prepare ourselves?

I appreciate SP AusNet may have other things on its mind at present, but to put so many people at a disadvantage without notice is unforgivable.

Don’t they realise that in the country we do not have water without our pumps, which are run by electricity?

We realise that the upkeep of lines is important for everyone’s safety, but to not be informed of the closure of power puts so many people at risk.

I wonder if people on life support were told of this stoppage?