Setting up some obstacles to fire

The fires having dampened down, it has to be time for us all to consider forestry management in an attempt to avoid such devastation in the future.

We cannot reduce fuel on the 7.5 million hectares of the public estate in one blow, but what could be contemplated is to fuel reduce the tops of all the ridges. 

By forming a burned barrier at the top of every hill, obstacles would be put in the way of summer windswept fires. 

Professor Stephen Pyne of Arizona University, the foremost fire historian describes the attitude of fire thus:

 “Australia does not have a fire problem: it has many fire problems. 

“Some have technical fixes. 

“Most involve political choices that will express social values. 

“But as debates swirl, it would be wise to remember that fire is not listening, that it does not care — really doesn’t care — that it will respond only to the logic of wind and fuel and terrain. 

“The remorseless flames will ignore any proposal that does not see the problem as they do.”

 Fire has a problem with burning fuel twice.