Backward step for Gippsland university

The hubris of those behind the proposed ‘arrangement’ between Monash University executives and those in charge of the Ballarat University is breathtaking.

“We’re calling for your contributions” they announce “We’re seeking your help”.

“Tell us what you think”, they cynically abet, about the Monash Gippsland Campus being ‘joined’ with the University of Ballarat from January 1 next year.

“What else would make this expanded university the best in regional Australia?”

Thinking residents of Gippsland will see this ‘proposition’ for what it really is: a move by Monash executives to divest themselves of an economically burdensome or unprofitable millstone and stumbling block to their grandiose plans to be seen as ‘one of the world’s leading research universities’ or some such mission statement.

Whilst potentially highly disadvantageous to a majority of existing and future students and academic staff at Monash Gippsland, the proposition needs to be seen in the context of simply the latest in a series of wide-spread ‘reforms’ being thrust upon the tertiary education sector by the new class of university administrators who control this vital community resource in accordance with the neo-liberal or economic rationalist ideology and agenda.

Tragically, as with the privatisation of the profitable State Electricity Commission public assets, our public hospitals in the Latrobe Valley, the fluoridation of our public water supply and the ‘debt burden’ that is the private desalination plant in Wonthaggi, we are unlikely to see any opposition to this latest ‘strategic initiative’ from our servile people’s representatives, regardless of their party affiliation or ‘seat’ in Gippsland.