Privatisation of essential services ‘failure’

RECENT articles in the Gippsland Times have touched on problems relating to electricity supply.

The privatisation of this essential service has led to a dystopia of rapidly escalating prices and confusion as the various retailers do their best to confuse consumers into changing to the particular company’s ‘better’ service.

If we analyse the present state of the electricity supply system, we find that we have the generating, the wholesaler and the retailer companies.

The modern mantra has it that the only duty of their management is to maximise the return to shareholders.

So, each adds a profit to its costs.

Where do these profits come from?

Our pockets.

Privatisation has failed.

We need to buy back the essential services of electricity, gas, water, public transport and telecommunications now.

So that these essential services do not become milk cows for government, we must set up independent corporations responsible to us all, through our elected governments, for setting prices which include reasonable premiums on the costs of the actual service, an amount which will allow us to maintain and upgrade the various systems.