Phoenix rises for first win in touch

PHOENIX recorded its first win of the touch season, defeating Nagle College six tries to three.

After Phoenix led 2-0 at half-time, both teams played attacking touch in the second half with Phoenix scoring four tries to four.

Recruitment has played a big part in Phoenix’s rise with Mick Eglington and Marc McGrath adding to the team’s structure.

Ursula Barnsley and captain Matthew Lever each scored two tries for Phoenix with Mick Eglington and Clinton Glover one each. Nagle scorers were Kobi Laudani, Connor Mclean and Kate Tong.

Best players were Eglington, Laudani, Glover, Barnsley and Tong with Nagle’s Kyle Grummisch winning the encouragement award.

THE Gippsland Grammar Swans out-ran Porky’s Pines in a very fast game, winning 10-5 after scoring seven tries to three in the second half.

David Commins scored four tries for the Swans, Ben May scored two with one each to Jake Cho, Tom Connelly and Devonn Sissing. Alyssa Stanley and Craig Roberts each scored two tries for Porkies with Andrea Christie one.

Best players were Commins, May, Brett Towers, Stanley and Maddie Crombie with Annemieke Ingram winning the encouragement award.

ADRIAN Whittaker scored four tries in his return to the CAT’s line-up as the side defeated JTT 11-6 for its first win of the season. Other scorers for CAT’s were Bridie Anderson, Lucy Dale and Tony Britton with two tries each, while Michael Whittaker scored one.

For JTT, Jacob Harris scored three tries, with one each to Chris Katal, Henry Ropeti and Jemma Hill.

Best players were Kerrie Shotter, Katal, Whittaker, Dale and Courtney Ferguson with Hill winning the encouragement award.

ST Dam continued its winning run, defeating Switched On Installations 9-6.

Craig Campbell scored four tries for the Bairnsdale side, Chris Gascoigne three with one each to Mel Gascoigne and Jacob Harrap. For Switched On Installations, David Svarc scored four tries and Brenton Foster one.

Best players Chris Gascoigne, Foster, Harrap, Casey Byron and Mel Gascoigne with Kirsty Craig winning the encouragement award.

THE RAAF team, Chumpies, also recorded its first win, defeating the Gippsland Grammar Barbarians 6-5.

Harley Conway-James top-scored for the Chumpies with three tries, with Michael Jones and Lucas Johnston scoring one each. For the Barbarians, who were down in numbers due to a school excursion, Josh Deschepper scored four tries and Jamie McIntosh one.

Best Players were Conway-James, Jones, Jamie McIntosh, Ben Howes, Elizabeth Von Finster and Leah Stoffels.