Golf results

ALMOST 100 golfers competed in the East Gippsland Women’s Golf two-day open on February 27 and 28 at Maffra and Sale golf clubs.

Bonnie Chignell won the silver division 36-hole stroke and handicap titles, despite fellow Sale member Jo Sellen setting a new course record 73 at Maffra on day one.

Di Dickson from Lakes Entrance won both bronze one titles, while Dianne Williamson from Box Hill took out both in bronze two.


February 27, Maffra, silver: 18-hole stroke: J Sellen (Sale) 73, handicap: B Chignell (Sale) 68; bronze one: nine-hole stroke: J Vardy (Maffra) 44, handicap: K McFarlane (Sale) 34; bronze two: nine-hole stroke: D Williamson (Box Hill) 45, handicap: N Pratt (Maffra) 32.5.

February 28, Sale, silver: 18-hole stroke: B Chignell 75, handicap: P Schaper (Sale) 70; bronze one: 18-hole stroke: D Dickson (Lakes Entrance) 96, handicap: L Ford (Berwick-Montuna) 76; bronze two: 18-hole stroke: D Williamson 103, handicap: A Flavell (Orbost) 72.

Overall, silver: 36-hold stroke: B Chignell 150, handicap: B Chignell 136; bronze one: 27-hole stroke: D Dickson 142, handicap: D Dickson 110.5; bronze two: 27-hole stroke: D Williamson 148, handicap: D Williamson 106.



February 22, men’s stableford: A grade: P Flood 39, B grade: R Schuback 39; DTL: B Hayman 38, S Faux 38, S Harrap 37, R Burns 37, B Dillon 37, D Wheeler 36, P Neville 36, J Buntine 36, A Ward 35, J Wake 35, B Lawrence 35cb; NTP: 3rd S Faux, 6th K Curtis, 11th D Wheeler, 14th P Flood.

February 23, women’s stableford: A grade: R Walker 38, B grade: W Moroney 46, C grade: R Hall; DTL: L Murray 40, S Marsden 37, R Potter 35, L Templeton 35, D Mulcahy 35; NTP: 2nd M Day, 7th R Walker, 12th C Osler, 16th K Macfarlane.

February 25, men’s stableford: winners: A Wyatt-D Jacobs 47cb, runners-up: S Maxfield-I Glover 47; DTL: R Burns-R Humphrey, P Hulland-J Ball, R Wain-K Maxfield; J Thomas-J Simic, P Hillard-K English; NTP: 3rd P Hulland, 6th T White, 14th L Wain; women’s: winner: M White 36, runner-up: J Cashman 35; NTP: 3rd J Cashman.

March 3, men’s par: A grade: B Carter +5, B grade: G King +1cb; DTL: R Smalley +1, K White +1, A Ward even, P McMaster -1, J Tatterson -1, T White -1, T Gillett -1; NTP: 3rd T White, 6th J Wake, 11th D Tosch, 14th H Savage; women’s: P Schaper -2cb; NTP: 3rd I Hull.

March 6, women’s stableford: division one: J Cashman 36, runner-up L Priscott-Collins 34; division two: J Stothers 38, runner-up D Grimble 35cb; division three: D Goodison 35, runner-up P Demeijer 34; DTL: B Cahill 35, P Young 34, B Chignell 33, H Gerrand 33, S Chignell 33, P Carter 33, T Potter 33; NTP: 3rd H Ireland, 6th B Chignell, 11th (second shot) L Priscott-Collins, 14th M Johns.

March 7, men’s stableford: A grade: M Clapton 38, B grade: R Carmody 34; DTL: D Adamson 37, A Wyatt 35, R Burns 33, I Doggett 33, P Neville 33, R Richards 33, S Baldwin 33, T Gillett 32, R Hayman 32, E Dowsett 32, B Goodison 32, B Lawrence 32, G Patrick 32, M Hurst 32; NTP: 3rd D Tosch, 6th R Carmody, 11th R Hayman, 14th R Burns.


February 22, men’s stableford: A grade: R Moyle 42, B grade: C Durrant 40; DTL: M Gallagher 41, M Cutler 39, L Dignan 38, T McConnell 37, A Smith 36, G Robbins 36, R Reed 35, S Lopo 34cb; NTP: 2rd C Durrant, 7th L Dignan, 11th D Bartlett, 12th A Gravener, 16th A Smith.

February 25, men’s stableford: A grade: R Fraser 41; B grade: T Humphryis; DTL: M Tait 40, S Larsen 40, M Gallagher 40, G Brayshaw 39, S Lopo 39, H Hooft 38; NTP: 2nd G Brayshaw, 7th D Shingles, 11th M Tait, 12th D Briggs, 16th S Lopo.

February 29, men’s par: A grade: T McConnell +1cb, B grade: J Jones +6cb; A Smith +6, T Cook +3, T Jackson +1, T Messenger +1, T Pattison +1, J Egan +1, G Robbins +1; NTP: 2nd T Pattison, 7th T Messenger, 11th T Messenger, 12th A Smith, 16th T Messenger.

March 3, men’s par: T Humphryis +2; DTL: C Bedggood +1, E Smith +1, C Ward +1, D Hunt even cb, A Phelan even cb; NTP: 2nd K Giblett, 7th D Shingles, 12th D Shingles, 16th T Humphryis.

March 4, women’s stableford: M Day 32; DTL: J Vardy 39; men’s: R Murray 36cb; DTL: P McCallum.

March 7, men’s stroke: A grade: G Brayshaw 68, B grade: B Donahoe 68; DTL: C Merlo 69, I Templeton 71, C Durrant 73, R Reed 74, R Murray 74, B Goodwin 74, B Higgins 75cb; NTP: 2nd L Jones, 7th G Brayshaw, 11th R Murray, 12th S Lopo, 16th N Magnuson.