Record entries for touch knock-out

THE Sale and District Touch Association will host the 13th annual Sale Touch Knockout at Stephenson Park this Saturday and Sunday.

Matches will begin 9am both days.

A record number of 50 teams have entered, including many from Melbourne and Ballarat.

Teams will be competing for a total prize pool of $3550.

On Saturday the Men’s and women’s A and social grades will be played with the mixed A and social grades on Sunday.

In the A grade teams there will be many state players, while there will also be highly qualified referees officiating all games with level five referee Cliff Winnett co-ordinating them to ensure all the games are hassle free.

NAGLE College caused the upset of last week’s round, defeating competition leader St Dam eight tries to seven.

After Nagle led 5-2 at half-time, St Dam came back to score five tries to three, but it was not enough to defeat the young brigade.

Nagle scorers were Kyle Grummisch, Kobi Laudani and Conner McLean, each with two tries, and Oscar Smith and Kate Tong with one each. For St Dam, Craig Campbell, Mel Gascoigne and Jacob Harrap scored two tries with one to Hector Ta’ala.

Best players were Grummisch, Chris Gascoigne, McLean, Mel Gascoigne and Lucy Rowe with Kate Tong winning the encouragement award.

IN the Gippsland Grammar derby, the Barbarians defeated the Swans 4-2. This was a very fast game with each team having a large interchange bench, enabling the players to maintain their fitness through out the game.

Josh Deschepper scored three tries for the Barbarians with Jamie McIntosh one. Tom Connelly scored both tries for the Swans.

Best players were Deschepper, David Commins, McIntosh, Stef Pelz and Annemieke Ingram with Maddy McKeown winning the encouragement award.

ADRIAN Whittaker scored four tries as CAT’s defeated Chumpies 7-4 for its second win of the season.

Michael Baker, Stewart Harper and Kerrie Shotter scored one try each for the winners. For the Chumpies, Michael Jones scored two tries, Christopher Evill and Adam Palmer one each.

Best players were Whittaker, Bradley Schubert, Shotter, Tracey Harper and Alysha Dunn with Lucy Dale winning the encouragement award.

PHOENIX recorded its second win of the season by defeating JTT with 12-9. Phoenix scored seven tries to two in the first half before JTT came back with seven tries to five in the second.

Best players were Mick Eglington, Chris Katal, Jacob Harris, Zoe Gillies and Kirsty Smaller with Leland Kingston winning the encouragement award.

PORKY’S Pines gained the win over Switched On Installations, who had to forfeit this round.

Wednesday night’s draw, 6.30pm: Nagle College v Porky’s Pines (referee Chumpies), Gippsland Grammar Swans v Switched On Installations (referee CAT’s); 7.20pm: JTT v Gippsand Grammar Barbarians (referee Porky’s Pines), Phoenix v CAT’s (referee Switched On Installations); 8.05pm: St Dam v Chumpies (referee JTT).