Another draw for Chumpies

THE Chumpies played their second drawn game in as many week in Sale ad District touch season, finishing 7-7 against Switched On Installations.

David Svarc and Brett Walker scored four tries for Switched On Installations with Josh Woods making one.

Chumpies’ Harley Conway-James showed his pace with several runs down the sideline, scoring three tries. Other scorers for Chumpies were Christopher Evill, Lucas

Johnston, Michael Jones and Adam Palmer.

Best players were Carl Lorrigan, Adam Palmer, Walker, Alysha Dunn and Kirsty Craig with Elizabeth Von Finster winning the encouragement award.

GIPPSLAND Grammar Barbarians defeated competition leader St Dam 6-5.

Josh Deschepper scored three tries for the Barbarians, supported by Logan Deschepper, Jake Meade and Lachlan Buck with one try each. For St Dam, Chris Gascoigne scored three tries and Jacob Harrap two.

Best players were Gascoigne, Harrap, Ben Howes, Leah

Stoffels and Katherine Mullett with Holly Howes winning the encouragement award.

GIPPSLAND Grammar Swans defeated JTT 8-4 on the back of a five-try to two second half.

Ben Commins scored four tries for the Swans with David

Commins three and Jake Cho one. Samuel Nelson scored two tries for JTT with one each from Chris Katal and

Leland Kingston.

Best players were Commins, Ben May, Devon Sissing and Maddie Crombie with Shae Haney winning the encouragement award.

NAGLE College defeated CAT’s 8-6.

Kyle Grummisch top scored for Nagle with four tries, Connor McLean scored two with one each from Adam Needham and Oscar Smith. James Melville scored three tries for CAT’s with Kerrie Shotter, Jalen Werahiko and Adrian Whittaker each scoring one.

Best players were Kobi Laudani, Chad Werahiko, McLean, Tegan Werahiko and Nikaela Hubbard with Jess Herbert winning the encouragement award.

PORKY’S PINES were too strong for an inexperienced Phoenix team, winning 8-2.

Hayden Crean scored four tries for Porky’s, supported by Craig Campbell, Andrea Christie, Gavin Roberts and Anita Wilson, who scored one try each. Sam Bysouth and David Ropeti scored two tries each for Phoenix.

Best players were Roberts, Matthew Lever, Craig Roberts, Christie and Wilson with Kirsty Smaller winning the encouragement award.

BECAUSE of Anzac Day, there will be no touch tomorrow night.