Stratford to appeal draw

THE Football-Netball East Gippsland commission will tonight hear an appeal Stratford’s appeal to give it victory over Lucknow.

The East Gippsland league match was declared a draw after both teams finished on 81 points, but the game was completed under lights with a yellow ball after a dislocated ankle to Stratford player Brent Richardson during the final term caused the match to stop for 36 minutes.

Such was the extent of the injury, Swans trainers were not willing to move the player and risk causing further damaged. The player was not moved from the ground until paramedics arrived.

At the time of the stoppage, the Swans had just taken a one-point lead after kicking what would be final goal of the day having trailed all day.

After play resumed, the Magpies regained the lead before the Swans kicked a point to level the scores.

Stratford’s appeal centres on an VCFL rule where a match is declared completed if there is a stoppage of at least 30 minutes during the second half with the scores at the time taken as final.

The Swans issued the appeal on Sunday afternoon.

The game was delayed for 25 minutes after a Stratford reserves player collapsed at the end of their match because of a delayed concussion.