Phoenix off the mark

PHOENIX recorded its first win of the Sale and District touch season after defeating Porky’s Pines six tries to four.

Clinton Glover scored four tries for Phoenix, assisted by Mick Eglington, who passed the ball to him on many occasions. Sam Bysouth scored with two tries.

The scorers for Porky’s, who was missing captain Brett Towers were Andrea Christie (two), Louisa Date and Gavin Roberts.

Best players were Glover, Matthew Lever, Roberts, Kirsty Smaller and Christie with Alyssa Stanley winning the encouragement award.

IN what can be described as a remarkable game, Chumpies and Gippsland Grammar Swans were unable to score until late in the second half. The Swans’ David Commins scored the first try which was then answered by the Chumpies to even the score before Chumpies scored the winning try in the dying minutes.

Joel Flannery and Steve Scott scored for Chumpies.

Best players were David Commins, Ben Commins, Victor U, Elizabeth Von Finster and Maddy McKeaun with Monami Tobiyama winning the encouragement award.

THE top two teams, Touches of Anarchy and Gippsland Grammar Barbarians, drew 8-8.

Logan Deschepper and Jamie McIntosh scored three tries each for the Barbarians with Lexi Joyce and Andrew Nicholas each one. For the Touches of Anarchy, Chris Katal scored four tries, Leland Kingston two and Chris Gascoigne and Jacob Harris one each.

Best players were Deschepper, Katal, McIntosh, Ashley Wouters and Annaliece Collins.

NAGLE College defeated CAT’s 7-3.

Oscar Crunden-Smith, Kyle Grummisch and Kobi Laudani scored two tries each for Nagle and Bryan Smith one. Twelve-year-old Jalen Werahiko that scored all the CAT’s tries, the result of passes from teammates with two of his tries coming from runs down the sideline.

Best players were Laudani, Grummisch, Kerry Shotter, Lucy Rowe and Kate Tong with Jalen winning the encouragement award.