Sale White clear on top

SALE White has consolidated top spot on the North Gippsland division one pennant bowls ladder, leading second-placed Maffra by 12 points, after its win over Sale Blue on Saturday.

Maffra jumped two spots to second, sending Yarram Gold tumbling to fifth spot after defeating it at Maffra.

Two weeks earlier, Gold was sitting in first place on the ladder.

Sale Golf replaced Yarram Gold in third spot after a very close game against Heyfield and Stratford had a big win over Yarram Green.

Rosedale still has top spot in division two, followed by Sale White, Stratford, and Heyfield in that order.

In division three, only one point separates top team Sale Golf, Sale White and Sale Blue, with Maffra sitting five points behind in fourth position.

There will not be any pennant this Saturday because of state competitions.

NORTH Gippsland defeated East Gippsland by 30 shots in the annual bowls challenge on Sunday at Heyfield.

Nine North Gippsland bowlers were selected to represent Gippsland in the state region championships at Horsham on January 5 – Matt Higgins (Sale), Steve Chalmer (Sale),Wayne Robbins (Sale), Mick Partridge (Sale), Ken Sceney (Sale), Gary Steele (Sale Golf), Bill Lynch(Sale Golf), Lee Cook (Heyfield) and Brendon Fleming (Heyfield).