Sale teams advance to state relays

The all-weather track coped well with a wet start of the day, fortunately the rain cleared and changed into great conditions for the rest of the day.

The first event for the Sale teams was the 4×200 metre relay.

The under 13 girls’ team showed great form by winning their first race for the day, while the under nine boys, nine girls and 11 girls followed suit.In the medley relay (2x100m, 1x200m and 1x400m), the under 11 girls and 12 boys came away with the win.

The final events of the day were the exciting 4x100m relays. Again it was the under 11 girls and 12 boys who conquered the field and placed first.

With automatic qualifications for first and second placing in the 4x200m and 4x100m and qualification for first placing in the medley, Sale will have six out of its seven teams compete in a total of 12 races at the state relay championships this Saturday at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park.

Sale and District team results:

(Q – qualified for state championships)

Under nine boys: Chad Evans, Harry Gravener, Brad Nikolajew, Riley Shaw, Nathan Nikolajew – 4x200m: 1st (Q); medley: 3rd; 4x100m: 2nd (Q).

Under nine girls: Keisha Jackson, Grace MacLachlan, Tabitha Manson, Grace O’Brien, Indigo Waugh – 4x200m: 1st (Q); medley: 2nd; 4x100m: 2nd (Q).

Under 10 boys: Kai McDonald, Ben Lang, Dylan Roscoe, Ostin Waugh – 4x200m: 3rd; medley: 3rd; 4x100m: 2nd (Q).

Under 11 boys: Sam Dunnett, Ben Keane, Aidan Lowe, Kyan Ropeti – 4x200m: 5th; medley: 4th; 4x100m: 5th.

Under 11 girls: Chloe Manson, Ellen O’Brien, Lily Stephenson, Lindsay Coridas- 4x200m: 1st (Q); medley: 1st (Q); 4x100m: 1st (Q).

Under 12 boys: Aaron Broadbridge, Charlie Comben, Bailey Ittensohn, Luke Williams, Joseph Ziino – 4x200m: 4th; medley: 1st (Q); 4x100m: 1st (Q).

Under 13 girls: Hailey Armstrong, Millie Dunnett, Eliza MacLachlan, Sharleighsha Wilkinson – 4x200m: 1st (Q); medley: 2nd; 4x100m: 2nd (Q).