Touch grand finalists decided

NAGLE College defeated competition leader Touches of Anarchy to advance to Wednesday night’s Sale and District A grade touch grand final against the Gippsland Grammar Barbarians.

Last week’s semi-final was Nagle’s most direct game of touch all season. There was very little play across the field and this placed Touch of Anarchy under great pressure to defend for the entire game.

Nagle scored four tries to one in the first half before managing another eight to three in the second.

Connor McLean scored five tries for Nagle, Oscar Crunden-Smith and Kyle Grummisch three each and Bryan Smith one. For Touches of Anarchy, Jacob Harrap scored two and Chris Gascoigne and Henry Ropeti one each.

IN the other A grade semi-final, the Grammar Barbarians defeated Switched On Installations seven tries to six.

This was an even contest with the Barbarians trailing at half-time 5-4 before adding three tries to just one for Switched On in the second half.

Nagle College will play the Grammar Barbarians in the A grade grand final Wednesday night from 7.20pm.

PHOENIX will meet the Porky’s Pines in the B grade grand final after defeating Chumpies 12-7 in the semi-final.

At no stage did Phoenix look like it was in trouble, which was reflected in its number of try scorers. During the home and away series, Phoenix would only have one or two scorers a game, but last week it had five players to place the ball over the line.

Clinton Glover and Matthew Lever made three tries each with two each from Ursula Barnsley, Mick Eglington and David Ropeti.

Daniel Ries and Steven Scott each scored three tries for Chumpies with Harley Conway-James recording one.

The Gippsland Grammar Swans forfeited the other semi to Porky’s Pines.

The B grade grand final will begin at 6.30pm.