Bowls finals race still on

WITH one round remaining in North Gippsland pennant Saturday pennant before the semi-finals, third and fourth places on the section one ladder are still not certain with Yarram Gold, Maffra and Sale Golf still in the race.

This Saturday, Gold will host second-placed Heyfield, Maffra to play Stratford and Sale Golf will be up against Sale Blue in the decide who will join Sale White and Heyfield in the final four.

The top four in section two is now assured with Rosedale, Sale White, Heyfield and Stratford filling the positions.

Rosedale, Heyfield and Maffra will be aiming for the final two spots in the section three top four this Saturday.

Semi-final will be played February 23 with venues to be announced.


Section one: Sale White 12/75 d Maffra 2/58, Stratford 14/83 d Sale Blue 0/48, Yarram Gold 12/80 d Sale Golf 2/53, Heyfield 12/90 d Yarram Green 2/65.

Section two: Rosedale 10/81 d Maffra 4/55, Sale White 12/74 d Sale Golf 2/70, Stratford 10/78 d Sale Blue 4/62, Wurruk 12/76 d Yarram 2/57, Heyfield bye.

Section three: Sale Blue 9/56 d Maffra 0/32, Sale White 9/47 d Sale Golf 0/37, Heyfield 9/57 d Stratford 0/30, Rosedale d Yarram (forfeit).