State medals for Seaspray

SEASPRAY Surf Life Saving Club returned from the state championships at Angelsea with a swag of medals, winning three state titles.

Five boat crews and six board, ski and beach competitors travelled to Anglesea on the Labour Day long weekend.

Thirty seven boat crews entered the states from 17 clubs.

Lorne won the weekend on 35 points with Seaspray coming second with 24 points ahead of Jan Juc, not bad for a club half the size of some of these clubs.

Stuart Mawley competed in 22 races over the two days, more than any other sweep in the competition.

Seaspray had a crew in every final, which made for a very exciting hour and a half on the Sunday afternoon.

The Seaspray Boats and Hoes crew of sweep Glenn Lazzaro, Gracie Cartwright, Emma Flint, Emily Olsson and Chelsea Rawnson won gold in the under 23 women’s final, with the Seaspray Bubs, sweep Stuart Mawley, Ashley Fernando, Maddie Pilgrim, Tiesha Warry and Linley Bertacchini, finishing fifth.

Bertacchini came into the Bubs crew for the women’s under 23 event after Chloe McIntyre, who rowed all season with crew, but had a knee operation three days before the championships.

The Bubs, with Mick Warry in the crew, won the gold medal in the under 19 mixed final.

The Seaspray 4.9ers, sweep Mawley, Nik Dippolito, Cameron Garrett, Harry Sloan and Thomas Warry, won the bronze medal in the under 23 men and finished sixth in the men’s reserve grade final.

The Seaspray crew of sweep Glenn Lazzaro, Chris Armstrong, Andrew Duffield, Ben Harper and Ben Noble, finished fifth in the A grade final.

In the open women’s final, the Omari crew of sweep Mawley, Kelly Beanland, Kylie James, Emma Kelsey and Leah Schuback came sixth.

The Seaspray A grade men, open women and the Bubs combined to win the open surf boat relay, which three crews rotate through one boat.

Seaspray came sixth in the final of the open lifesaver relay, consisting of one boat crew, one board paddler, one ski paddler, one swimmer and a runner.

Sophie Jackson made the under 19 years beach flag final, but was pushed out a couple of rounds in and finished seventh. In the under 19 beach sprint, Jackson finished seventh.

In the under 17 single ski final, Robert Jones finished sixth.

Loughlin Brown and Richard Young finished fifth in the under 19 double ski final. Brown, Jones were joined by Richard Young to come fourth in the under 19 ski relay final.