Rollers are out for fresh meat

AFTER receiving a VicHealth grant, Sale City Rollers will conduct a ‘fresh’ meat intake on May 2.

Carolyn Everard said while the Rollers were an all-women roller derby team, there was still a role for males in the sport as referees.

“We have a fresh meat intake in April,” she said.

“Fresh meat intakes are for new people with any skating ability.

“They learn how to fall, et cetera, and a lot of people come having not skated at all.”

Everard said the Rollers had received a VicHealth grant, which would allow for buying uniforms and a first aid kit, along with sending members to first aid courses.

Fresh meat intakes are loaned equipment.

Beginners progress from fresh meat to white and yellow stars, where they are exposed to more contact, before moving to green and orange stars.

Referee Jay Hope said each derby team comprised four members acting as blockers and a jammer.

“Two members, one from each team a few feet back act as jammers,” he said.

“The aim of the game is for the jammer to get past the pack to score points.

“When the whistle blows, blockers try to stop the jammers getting past.

“Once the jammer gets past the pack, they become the lead jammer, who has to go around the whole track and when they catch the pack, each blocker passed scores one point.”

This continues until the lead jammer calls the bout off, with the whole match lasting about an hour.

The team with the most points at the end of each bout wins.

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