Bowls season begins

ALL the home sides in section one had wins to begin the North Gippsland bowls pennant season on Saturday.

Heyfield and Sale Blue had the closest finish with the former winning by 11 shots.

In section two, Sale had a four-shot win after losing two rinks to Maffra, while Heyfield and Yarram had good wins.

In section three, Stratford and Sale Golf fought out a four-shot game, only seven shots separated Wurruk and Sale Blue, while Sale White, Yarram Gold and Maffra recorded wins.


Section one: Sale White 14/96 d Sale Golf 0/48, Heyfield 13/69 d Sale Blue 1/58, Yarram 14/90 d Maffra 0/47, Stratford 11/80 d Rosedale 3/65

Section two: Heyfield 14/86 d Wurruk 0/58, Yarram 14/75 d Sale Golf 0/65, Sale 10/68 d Maffra 4/64, Stratford bye.

Section three: Sale Golf 7/55 d Stratford 2/51, Sale White 9/59 d Heyfield 0/28, Yarram Gold 7/61 d Yarram Green 2/31, Maffra 7/61 d Rosedale 2/49, Sale Blue 9/50 d Wurruk 0/43.