World speed sailing challenge

SALE College teacher Andrew Daff has returned from his latest sporting challenge, representing Australia in the World Speed Sailing Challenge in Namibia.

Daff has been a teacher of social studies, outdoor education and physical education at Sale College since 1976.

During this time, he has shared his passion for a wide range of outdoor pursuits with students, while maintaining a high level of competition in his personal life.

Daff has represented Victoria in canoeing, skiing, surfing sailing and skeet shooting.

His latest adventure, after shooting in the Victorian Teachers’ Games, was to represent Australia in the World Speed Sailing Challenge in Luderitz, Namibia in south-west Africa, in an attempt to be the fastest man on water.

For a short time, he held the Australian record, sailing at over 47 knots, (just over 87kmh).

This was an amazing achievement, given that the other participants were half his age and twice his size.

A group of local school students visited the world championships and, always the teacher, Daff proceeded to give them some lessons. You can take the man out of the school, but not the school out of the man.