Sale White comfortably on top

AT the half-way mark in Saturday pennant, Sale White is sitting comfortably on top of the section one ladder, 20 points clear of second placed Heyfield, which it defeated on Saturday by 35 shots.

Sale Golf strengthened its hold on third spot with a win over Rosedale.

Yarram jumped from sixth to fourth, replacing Rosedale, which is now fifth, with its win over Sale Blue and Maffra brings up the rear after its loss to Stratford at home.

Yarram remains on top of the section two ladder, 12 points clear of Sale in second place, with Heyfield and Wurruk breathing down Sale’s neck, only one and two points further down.

The remaining teams Maffra, Sale Golf and Stratford have a lot of catching up to do.

Only a half a point separates Sale White and Sale Blue in first and second places on the section three ladder.

Four and a half points separate Yarram Gold, Rosedale and Maffra in third, fourth and fifth spots. Wurruk and Sale Golf will need to put the pressure on the three above them to make it to the finals.