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Bendigo extends winning run

The Gippsland League interleague team, (back from left) John Gooch, Tom Hams, Ben Amberg, Haydn Hector, Brayden Fowler, vice-captain Mark Collison, captain Bob McCallum, Chris Dunne, Aaron Hillberg, Tom Long, Andrew Quirk, Shem Hawking, Chris Verboon, Tom Marriott, Adrian Slottje, Zak Vernon, (front) Nathaniel Paredes, Michael Stockdale, Brad Scalzo, Braedon McLean, Tim Northe, Danny Campbell and Joel Sinclair.

Bendigo extends winning run

A rare chance to host interleague nemesis Bendigo was not enough to help the Gippsland League across the line in Saturday’s AFL Victoria Community Championships match at Warragul.

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