Police arrest male following Sale stand off, which led to nearby schools being in lockdown

A SALE youth has been charged with multiple offences including attempted murder, conduct endangering life, assaulting an emergency service worker, assault, affray, criminal damage, arson and charges relating to possession of an explosive device.

The 17-year-old male was arrested following a three and a half hour stand-off with police on Thursday afternoon, allegedly involving a bow and arrow and a machete.

Police alleged they also found an incendiary device in the teenager's house, prompting the bomb squad to attend.

The occupant of the Dugan St house was involved in a domestic dispute with his mother and other family members on Thursday afternoon just after 2pm, and s et fire to his bedroom.

When CFA and police arrived on the scene, he was allegedly armed with a bow and arrow and a machete, and police said he fired an arrow at one of the attending police members.

Police retreated, secured and cordoned off the area, evacuating immediate neighbours and called for help from the Critical Incident Response Team, based in Melbourne.

The teenager allegedly repeatedly threatened police while armed, asking to be shot.

Once the CIRT team arrived, it managed to negotiate with the teen, and carried out a peaceful arrest.

There were no injuries to any emergency responders.

The 17-year-old was taken to Sale police station for questioning by Wellington CIU, before being charged.

The incident also caused nearby schools to be locked down.

About 40 emergency response personnel across CFA, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police (local members, Critical Incident Response Team, K9 Unit and the bomb squad responded to the incident.

The teenager has been remanded to appear at Children's Court at a later date.

Concerned parents gather outside Guthridge Primary School, Sale.

Concerned parents gather outside Guthridge Primary School, Sale.