We are not on track to meet emissions target


A QUESTION to Gippsland MHR, Darren Chester, since no-one else in the government is willing to provide anything but ideological 'can't' on this topic.

Australia has committed to reduce its 2006 emissions of 622 megatonnes of CO2 by 26 to 28 per cent by 2030.

That means we must reduce it to 448 to 460 megatonnes per annum.

Emissions have risen every year of this government, and now sit at 538 megatonnes per annum, or 17 per cent above the 2030 targets.

On current trends, emissions will be perilously close to 2006 levels in 2030.

So, exactly how we are going to meet our commitments "in a canter?", as the federal government has stated can be done.

It seems to me that the only cantering we are doing is towards being a global pariah on emissions.