Disappointed views were not properly aired


I WAS disappointed the ABC did not play more of my interview on its news covering the mining protests.

I attended the International Mining Conference on Tuesday, October 29, as I am very aware of the benefits that mining contributes to our regional and national economies.

My hometown is Sale, and I am proud of my friends who work for oil and gas partners Esso-BHP.

Gippsland is home to many top farmers (dairy in my case) and I'm aware that there has been a 50-year proud connection with mining and farming working together.

Arriving early to the mining conference, I challenged the protesters, and then was asked by the media to do an interview.

I covered the benefits of mining and rejected that protesters had the right to blockade entry to the conference.

I have never, nor will I ever, condone violence by protest groups.

I am aware that a commercial channel did play the full interview - hurrah and I have been congratulated for my comments.

But I do give a big tick to the ABC's Country Hour and the rural ABC guys.