Sale Cricket Club experiences surge in girls' participation

Kirrily Bruce, Lily-Mae Lyndon, Matilda Berns and Felicity Clissold.
Kirrily Bruce, Lily-Mae Lyndon, Matilda Berns and Felicity Clissold.

SALE Cricket Club has enjoyed a surge in junior female participation, with the club set to field two all-girl under 11 cricket teams this season.

The club was buoyed after more than 20 prospective players attended a recent come-and-try session at Sale Oval, which took organiser and women's cricket advocate Lily-May Lyndon by surprise.

"We were going to be happy if one showed up, we expected about six," she said.

"It is absolutely amazing, it is the best experience for me, I could not be happier.

"We had 21 come on the night and then we got two more who gave us a call saying they'd like to join in as well.

"There have been so many new families come to the club and some of the girls younger brothers play and to have their sisters now playing is great."

The come-and-try session followed a number of school clinics held in Sale primary schools, giving girls a taste of cricket.

Female representation is strong across the board at Sale Cricket Club.

In the under 16s, Lily-May and baseball ace Felicity Clissold take part, while Kirrily Bruce and Matilda Berns play in the under 14s. There is also a number of participants in the entry level 'MasterBlasters' program.