Overpopulation is the real problem


WHY is it that, globally, we continue to experience catastrophic bushfires, drought, increasingly severe cyclonic events, fresh water shortages, starvation, rising seawater temperatures, melting polar icecaps, food insecurity and global warming, and so on, yet for some absurd reason, we seem content to accept all of the misery and distress that accompanies these events?

It has been abundantly clear for decades that the burgeoning world population is totally out of control and has to be addressed - meaning, drastically reduced.

If overpopulation is not tackled, the current global consequences will, logically, continue to escalate in direct relationship with the demands of an ever-increasing global population.

Can you imagine that ever-worsening outcome? Do you want that?

It is my belief the greatest problem ever created by mankind (an overpopulated world) must be tackled, uncompromisingly.

I acknowledge this is an unpalatable debate, but we must get a realistic understanding of this subject which is the creator of all current (and doubtless) ongoing global catastrophes, of which global warming is just one.

Sadly, a solution will only evolve from global recognition to the extent of overpopulation, and the actions of the most determined, compassionate and courageous people who are prepared to face this reality, and do something meaningful.